Student Ministries

St. Thomas' Student Ministries: Grades 6th-12th


  • Being comfortable in their faith
  • Taking on a leadership role
  • Being an independent believer
  • Taking hold of their own faith
  • Having a personal relationship with Christ
  • Equipping them with skills to pursue their own faith


So that we can achieve the big goals, we have implemented some specific strategies. First, we want to teach them how to pray like it is an intimate conversation with Christ. We want them to learn how to dig deeper into scripture and see how the Lord speaks through the words on the page. We teach the students to show everyone the love of Christ, in all social situations. This will foster friendships with non-Christians and let them be “Ambassadors of Christ”. Last but not least, we want them to always remain humble in their faith and know that there is room to grow


  • Middle School Lifegroups: Meet on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month at 1 pm
  • High School Lifegroups: Meet on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of the month at 1 pm
  • Before School Breakfast: Every other Thursday morning at 7 am
  • Once a month hangout night
  • Locations to be determined


  • February 3rd, Saturday — Game Night 7 pm
  • February 4th — Middle School LG
  • February 8th, Thursday — Dinner night 7 pm
  • February 11th — High School LG
  • February 18th — Middle School LG
  • February 21st, Wednesday — Before School
    Breakfast  7 am
  • February 25th — High School LG
  • March 4th — Middle School LG
  • March 6th, Tuesday — Before School
    Breakfast 7 am
  • March 11th — High School LG
  • March 16th, Friday — Movie Night 7 pm
  • March 18th — Middle School LG
  • March 25th — High School LG
  • March 28th, Wednesday — Dinner night 7 pm
  • April 1st — EASTER SUNDAY NO LG
  • April 8th — Middle School LG
  • April 13th, Friday — Putt Putt at the
    Charleston Fun Park  7 pm
  • April 15th — High School LG
  • April 22nd — Middle School LG
  • April 25th, Wednesday — Before School
    Breakfast 7 am
  • April 29th — High School LG
  • May 6th — Middle School LG
  • May 13th — High School LG
  • May 18th, Friday — Ice Cream Social 6:45 pm
  • May 20th — Last Middle School LG
  • May 27th — Last High School LG


For specific information please contact Adam Graudin at