Oct 11, 2018


Scripture | Matthew 10:11-14 

  1. Think about an important moment when someone sharing Jesus's love with you. Who was it? Where was it? When was it? Why do you think you listened to it?
  2. The Big Picture. Before looking at the details and issues that arise out of this passage, let's look at the whole thing. Why do you think Jesus had his disciples carry out their mission in this way?
  3. Vs. 11. What do you think "worthy" means here? (HINT: Given Jesus's Gospel message, what do you think it does NOT mean?).
  4. Vs. 11. Why do you think Jesus instructed his disciples to stay only in one house while in a town or village?
  5. vs. 12-3. What do you think this means?
  6. vs. 14. What do you think this means? What do you think about Jesus's instructions here? How might this actually be loving?
  7. Vs. 15. What do you think Jesus means here? Is this something you thought Jesus would say? Why or why not?
  8. What lessons does this passage teach you about being an Ambassador for Christ?
  9. How do Jesus's teachings about judgment impact your sense of urgency to preach the Gospel?