Terry Bradley : 2019 Stations of the Cross Artist

St. Thomas’ Church seeks to make Mount Pleasant better for everyone.  A major way we are called to do so is by investing in the Arts.

There used to be a time when the Church was the primary patron of the Arts (both visually and musically), and this produced some of the most beautiful Art known to exist.  Moreover, during the Renaissance, the church’s patronage produced some of history’s most talented artists who continue to educate generations of artists today.  The fruit of this patronage has been to bless the world with beauty and advance the study of Art.

St. Thomas’ wishes to recapture this mission, and we seek to do it by investing in our local artists!

2019 Auction Details

  • The Stations of the Cross and Art Exhibition will be held on Sunday, April 14, 2019, (Palm Sunday) at Pinckney Elementary School’s Cafeteria from 10:30 AM until 12:30 PM.
  • The Silent Auction will be held on May 25, 2019. Details will be posted shortly.

Meet Terry Bradley

Terry lives in Mt. Pleasant with her husband, Jim, and three children, Merideth, Wyatt, and Lilly. She has been an artist most of her life, but after her children grew up, she began to paint regularly, eventually opening her small studio, Peace Love Create. In fact, she recently opened a booth in Southern Accent Designer Showcase on Coleman Boulevard.

Terry's medium of choice is Acrylic using pallet knives and heavy texture. Her work is an experiment of surface and color. As her paintings progress, they are influenced not only by color, but how color and mood come together to create an unexpected impact.

"Painting is my happy place and I hope when people look at my work, they bring their own interpretation to the painting."

~Terry Bradley

The Stations of the Cross

Stations 1 + 2 :: heavy, chaotic brush strokes and dark colors on the edges represent the angry crowds demanding Jesus' death and mocking Him with a crown of thorns. The introduction of warmer colors creates a sense of calm amongst the chaos — Jesus remaining calm and in quiet dignity, ready to do God's will, no matter the cost. The three circles represent God in Trinity — Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Stations 3 + 4 :: heavy, dark hues signify the weight of our sins — the worst of us mocking Jesus as He carried his cross to Skull Place. But rising from the depths of darkness we see lighter, vibrant colors at the bottom offering us the hope that the Lord's sacrifice provides.

Stations 5 + 6 :: can you feel the darkness and sorrow? What would you have done? Would you have put yourself in harms way to stand up for Jesus? This painting signifies the desperateness, darkness, and utter hopelessness we feel when things are hard and painful. But as Jesus yielded up his spirit for us, we feel the warmth of God embracing us in His light, surging through us as Truth, bringing us hope, strength, and purpose.

Stations 7 + 8 :: the lighter, warmer colors are winning over the dark. Jesus has yielded up his spirit and died on the cross for us. The darkness of our sins and punishments were taken up on the cross and washed away. Joseph takes Jesus’ body and wraps it in a linen shroud and lays him to rest.