Talk Series : Sharif Yacoub

God’s Clinic

Talk Series by Sharif Yacoub

Dear brothers and sisters:
Peace to you all in the name of Jesus Christ. Today we start a new series entitled God’s Clinic. In it we study from Scripture how Jesus Christ deals with our infirmities, whether spiritual, mental or physical.

Dr. Sharif Yacoub

Dr. Sharif Yacoub

Dr. Sharif Yacoub has been actively involved in Christian ministry and teaching his entire life.  He founded and leads “The Way” ministry, an online Evangelism and Discipleship ministry to the Middle East.  It currently has 700,000 followers on Facebook.  He holds a Diploma of Christian Ministry from Trinity School for ministry.  He is also a full time Endocrinologist at Roper Hospital.  He is married to Elena and has 2 daughters and a step-son.