Sunday Family Worship

Hello St. Thomas’

New Sermon Series 

Because the Psalms are the poetry of faith, they are not meant to be studied; they are meant to be read. The prayers of the Psalter are meant to be prayed. The songs of the Psalter are meant to be sung. The lessons of the Psalter are meant to be lived. The angry Psalms are meant to be shouted. The meditations are meant to be meditated upon” (Invitation to the Psalms by Rolf and Karl Jacobson).

This Lenten season we are plumbing the depths of the Psalms so that our prayers, songs, and lives can be shaped by the very same Psalms Jesus knew. Spoiler alert: Jesus also said the Psalms were written about him (Luke 24:44).

Join us as we prepare our hearts for Easter by re-tuning our prayer life with the book of Psalms!