Our Sunday Services


When Christ calls you to follow Him, it isn’t just an individual calling. He’s calling you to join a community: the Church. The Bible describes the Church in three ways: a building in which every member is a building block; a body in which every member plays an important role; and a family in which everyone is equal and loved. In all of these analogies, many different and diverse elements are made one by their common love and need for Jesus Christ: He is the “cornerstone” of the building; the “head” of the body; and “elder brother” to all who share His heavenly Father.

This means that, while you don’t need to join a Church to be saved, you can only enjoy the fullness of God’s love by being a member of a Church. Everyone is welcome and has an important role to play, and it is a place to serve as well as be served. It is the place where we learn true sacrifice for each other for the service of the World. It is also a place where sincere friendships are developed and fostered.

Join us every Sunday morning at 10:30 am at Pinckney Elementary School Auditorium