Stations of the Cross Auction 2017

St. Thomas’ Church seeks to make Mount Pleasant better for everyone.  A major way we are called to do so is by investing in the Arts.

There used to be a time when the Church was the primary patron of the Arts (both visually and musically), and this produced some of the most beautiful Art known to exist.  Moreover, during the Renaissance, the church’s patronage produced some of history’s most talented artists who continue to educate generations of artists today.  The fruit of this patronage has been to bless the world with beauty and advance the study of Art.

St. Thomas’ wishes to recapture this mission, and we seek to do it by investing in our local artists!

Stations of the Cross 2017 Artist — Jane Ann Sweeney

Jane Ann Sweeny received her BFA in Printmaking from Clemson University. She is a visual artist, spending 5 years in Los Angeles to focus on different aspects of her craft. Jane Ann’s work focuses on the human condition, and the expression of things left unsaid.

Her priority in life and art is to remove the masks of our culture and speak truth. Previous themes have focused on promoting expression for women. Most recently Jane Ann has decided to focus on Charleston, SC and the unlimited possibilities of it's skies and oceans. Jane Ann’s art is quickly getting recognition and a place in the local art community in Charleston, SC.

Jane meticulously carves and gouges away at wood panels, sometimes having to altar her original plan according to the knots in the wood. Once she is finished carving, the woodblock is covered with ink and the image on the wood left from carving is then transferred to paper using a printing press. The woodblock is run through an old-school press once for every color she uses, therefore the color left on the wood panel is the last color she transferred. She makes a limited edition of original, self pulled prints.

Learn more about Jane Ann Sweeney on her web site: