Sept 17, 2017

Mature in Christ: Life Group Study 4


As we learn from our study last week, the Colossian church was under attack by false teachers. These false teachers believed that the Colossians' understanding of the Christian faith was insufficient. It didn't give them a full picture of who God really is. Therefore, these teachers said that they could add to their understanding by bringing in portions of other local religions as well as Judaism.


Paul is continuing to encourage those reading the letter by sharing his own personal hopes and desires for them.  

Scripture | Colossians 2:1-5

  1. Think about a time when you were tempted to believe something that was in direct contradiction to the Bible's teachings (maybe you are tempted in this way right now).  Why was/is it so tempting to believe it?
  2. What is helping/did help you deal with this temptation?
  3. Why do you think Paul shares this information with the letter's readers?  Why do you think he describes it as a "struggle"?  What do you think that means?
    Verses 1 + 5
  4. How would it make you feel if someone described their concern for your spiritual life in this way?
  5. What does Paul want most for the letter's readers?  What must they know to achieve this?Why would knowing this bring encouragement?
    Verses 2-3
  6. What does this verse mean for you?  How does it encourage you?
  7. According to this verse, why did Paul write the earlier verses?  Why do you think he had to worry about that? Verse 4
  8. According to this verse, why do you think the letter's readers were tempted to believe the false teachers?
  9. How are we similar to this letter's readers?