Sept 10, 2017

Mature in Christ: Life Group Study 3


As we learn from our study last week, the Colossian church was under attack by false teachers. These false teachers believed that the Colossians' understanding of the Christian faith was insufficient. It didn't give them a full picture of who God really is. Therefore, these teachers said that they could add to their understanding by bringing in portions of other local religions as well as Judaism.


Paul now moves from talking about Jesus to his own motivations for writing this letter.  

Scripture | Colossians 1:24-29

  1. Think about a person who was/is very important in your faith journey.  Describe that person.  What did they do for you?  How did they treat you?  How did they react to your questions?  Doubts?  Failures?
  2. Read the first half of Verse 24.  What does Paul say here?  What is "odd" about this statement?  Why do you think he would say that?
  3. Read the second half of Verse 24.  This is another "odd" statement.  What do you think Paul means?  What do you think he does NOT mean?
  4. How does Paul describe his ministry?  What does he believe the purpose of his ministry is What do you think that means? — Verse 25
  5. In these verses, Paul describes the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  How does he describe it?  Why do you think he describes it in this way?  — Verses 26 + 27
  6. Paul circles back to describing his motivations for writing this letter.  How does he describe his ministry here?  Why do you think Paul uses these words to describe it? — Verses 28 +29
  7. What is the "end goal" of Paul's ministry?  What do you think that means?
  8. Where does Paul get the power to love and serve in this way?  
  9. How does this passage help you understand those who were a "Paul" to you?
  10. How does this passage help you to be a better Ambassador of Christ?