Nov 15, 2018

Scripture | Matthew 10:26-33

Context: This is the second sermon on this scripture. The first was Sunday, Nov. 11 (“Do Not Fear, Part I”). We are doing two sermons on the concept of fear in sharing the Gospel because it seems to be a major obstacle to people being Ambassadors of Christ.

The Nov. 11 sermon focused mainly on fear of being rejected socially and relationally (Matt. 10:25-27). The one for Nov. 18 will be on vs. 28-33. It will focus on how to overcome fear of being killed for the faith. Intense, but a reality.

Discussion Questions:

  1. Take 2 minutes quiet time and think about stories of people dying for something they believed in. Have each person share those stories with the group. What do those stories have in common? What do you think gave the person the courage lose their life for something?
  2. According to Verse 28, what reason does Jesus give for us to not fear those who can kill us?
  3. Read vs. 28b (the second sentence of vs. 28). What do you think Jesus means here?
  4. Read vs. 29-31. What is Jesus saying here? How is it connected to what he said in verse 28?
  5. Read vs. 32-33. What do you think Jesus is telling us here?
  6. Why do you think God allows Christians to die for their faith?
  7. What from this scripture encourages you the most?
  8. What are some things you can do now to prepare for the possibility of being killed for your faith?