Nov 1, 2018


Context | Matthew 10:24-25

Verse 16 marks a transition in Jesus’s instructions to the disciples. Matthew 9:35-38 outlines why Jesus called the 12 to follow him. Matthew 10:1-4 introduces us to the disciples and highlights the authority he gave them for their mission. Verses 5-15 outline the disciples’ mission and how they are to carry it out.

In this next section, however, Jesus prepares his disciples for persecution. This section goes from vs. 16 to vs. 39, and thus Jesus talks about this more with his disciples than anything else in Matt. 10.


Take three minutes and think about a time when you did/said something that you meant to help but it was perceived as hurting. Share it with the group. What was that like?

  1. What do you think these verses mean?
  2. Look at the second sentence of vs. 25. What do you think that means?
  3. What do you think Jesus wanted his disciples to understand when he told them this?
  4. How might these verses have encouraged or helped the Disciples?
  5. What do you think Jesus wants us to understand from this passage?
  6. How does this passage equip and encourage you to be an Ambassador of Christ’s forgiving love where you live, work, play, and learn?