May 21, 2017

Jesus Reinstates Peter

Continuing our walk through the days between Jesus’ resurrection and his ascension into heaven; Jesus reinstates Peter after appearing to the disciples.

Scripture | John 21:15-19

  • What’s the setting of this story?  What are the disciples still sitting beside? (Hint.  John 18.15-18 and John 21.9).
  • What question does Jesus ask Simon Peter?  Why do you think Jesus asks him that question?  Why do you think He asks it three times?  (Hint:  John 18.15-18, 25-27).   
  • What is Simon Peter’s response?  In your own words, describe what you think Peter’s response means?
  • Is this good news for Peter?  Why or why not?
  • How is Peter’s restoration good news for us?
  • What is Jesus’ response to Peter’s answer?  What do you think that means?  (Note:  there is no significance to the use of “lambs”, “sheep”, “feed”, and “tend”.  These are just literary devices used to convey the same overall meaning.)  
  • What calling does this story place on our lives?  What do you think it looks like to live it out?
  • Read Verses 18-19.  Why do you think Jesus ends his talk with Peter this way?  What is He trying to tell him about the cost of “feeding sheep”?
  • Is what’s true for Peter true for us?  Why or why not?