May 14, 2017

Jesus Appears to Seven Disciples

Continuing our walk through the days between Jesus’ resurrection and his ascension into heaven; Jesus reveals himself to seven disciples by the Sea of Galilee.

Scripture | John 21:1-14

  • Vs. 1-3. Where is this story taking place? Who is there? What are the disciples doing?
  • Why do you think the disciples went there? What do you think Jesus is trying to tell the disciples about their future? (HINT: read Mark 1.16-20, Mark 16.1-8.).
  • Vs. 4-7. Why do you think Jesus revealed himself in the way he did? (Hint: Luke 5.1-11).
  • What does this tell the disciples about their future ministry?
  • Vs. 7-8. Why do you think Peter reacted this way when he realized it was Jesus? How do you think you would have reacted if you were Peter?
  • Vs. 9-14. What does Jesus do here? What does this bring to the disciples’ minds? Why do you think Jesus does this (i.e. what is Jesus communicating to the disciples by doing this)? (Hint: Luke 22.14-20).
  • Why do you think the Holy Spirit prompted John to add the detail of the “charcoal fire” in this passage? (Hint: see John 18.15-18). What does that communicate to Peter?
  • How is this story good news to you? If it isn’t good news to you now, when might it be comforting? How might this story be good news to someone with whom you live, work, play, and learn?
  • How does this story challenge you in your life as a disciple?
  • What do you think the “net” is that we are to cast out into the waters of the world?
  • How does this story help explain your joys and disappointments as you share the Gospel with those you live, work, play, and learn with?
  • How might you use this story to help convince someone that Jesus’ resurrection really happened?