May 13, 2018


Scripture | Luke 24:50-53 

  1. Think about a time when you realized someone was working very hard so you would be provided for.
    Describe that to the group.
    Why did that person do that for you?
    How did that make you feel about them?
  2. Read the Scripture above.  If you had to guess, why do you think Jesus had to ascend to heaven?
    Why didn’t he just stay on earth?
  3. As discussed above, Jesus was the true fulfillment of the Old Testament office of High Priest.  See Hebrews 8:1 
    What did an earthly Jewish Priest do? What responsibilities did he have?
  4. Now that Jesus is in the “Temple” of heaven, how do you think he is fulfilling his job as High Priest?  See Hebrews 8:1-3; 9:24-25
  5. How is all of this good news to you? 
  6. How might this be good news to someone you live, work, play, and learn with?