Apr 30, 2017

Jesus appears to the disciplesJesus Appears to the Disciples

Continuing our walk through the days between Jesus’ resurrection and his ascension into heaven; Jesus spends 40 days with his disciples before leaving the earth.

Scripture | John 20:19-23

Part one: Understanding the Text

  • What’s the context of this account? (When? Where? Who?)
  • Why were the disciples hiding? Why did they have doors locked? In your own words, describe what it must have been like for the disciples after the crucifixion but before they saw the resurrected Christ?
  • How do you think the disciples felt when Jesus came and stood among them?
  • What were Jesus’ first words to the disciples? What do they mean? Why do you think he said that to them?
  • Why do you think Jesus showed them his hands and his side?
  • How did the disciples respond after hearing Jesus’ greeting and seeing his hands and side? Why do you think they responded that way?
  • What does Jesus tell them next? Why does he say that? What does it mean? (I.e. How/ Why did the Father send Jesus? How did that shape the way the disciples were to live?)
  • What does Jesus do next? Why does he do it? (Hint: see Genesis 2.7)
  • What do you think vs 23 means? What is its connection to vs 21-22?

Part Two: Applying the Text

  • Why is it good news to us that Jesus greets us with “Peace be with you”?
  • Does this passage help you to believe the resurrection really happened?
  • As his disciples, what does Jesus call us to do?
  • What does that calling look like? How does Jesus empower us to do it?