Apr 23, 2017

Jesus appears to Mary MagdaleneJesus Appears to Mary Magdalene

For the remainder of the Spring, we will be walking through the days between Jesus’ resurrection and his ascension into heaven.  We often forget that Jesus spent 40 days with his disciples before leaving the earth.  What a fascinating side of Jesus we rarely focus on.

Scripture | John 20:11-18

  • For context, read John 20.1-10.  Now, read vs. 11, how did Mary respond to the empty tomb.  Why do you think she responded in that way?
  • Read vs. 12-13.  Who is “Mary”?  How did Mary respond to the two angels?  What do you think about her response?  How do you think you would have responded if you saw two angels?  Why do you think she responded the way she did?
  • Read 14-15.  How does Mary respond to Jesus?  Why do you think she responded this way?  How is her response consistent with how she’s already responded?  Why do you think she didn’t recognize Jesus?
  • How are we like Mary in this story?  Why do you think we react in this way?  If (or when) we don’t doubt like Mary, why do you think that’s so?
  • Read vs. 16.  What happens here?  Why do you think Mary finally recognized him?  Why do you think she called him by that title?  Why is that important to us?
  • Vs. 17.  Why do you think Jesus told Mary to not cling to him?  (If you get stuck, read John 14.15-31).  Why is it good news for us that we can’t “cling to Jesus”
  • What did Jesus tell Mary to do?  What does he call the “disciples”?  Why do you think He told her to do that?  How is this good news for us?
  • To whom does Jesus say He’s going?  Why do you think Jesus phrases this the way he does?  What is he trying to tell Mary?  Why would describing God in this way be good news to Mary?  Why is this good news for us?
  • Vs. 18.  What does Mary do?  How does she describe Jesus here?