Apr 22, 2018


Scripture | Luke 24:36-43 

  1. Describe a time when you came to believe something you thought impossible.  What happened to convince you?
  2. Verse 36—What did Jesus do and say here?  Why do you think he did and said those things?  
  3. Verse 37—How did the disciples react?  Why do you think they reacted in that way?  Why do you think Luke included this in his Gospel?
  4. Verses 38-40—How does Jesus respond to the disciples here?  Why do you think he responds in this way?  Where do you see Jesus’s love and grace in his response?
  5. Verse 41a—How did the disciples respond here?  What does that mean?  How is this different from their response in vs. 37?  
  6. Verse 41b-43—What does Jesus do here?  Why was this important?  Why do you think Luke recorded this detail?
  7. How are we like the disciples in this reading?  
  8. Who do you live, work, play, or learn with who would find this story interesting or helpful?