Life Group Current Sermon Series



A "disciple" describes anyone who follows Jesus Christ because they have been transformed by his forgiving love.  Out of gratitude, they love him, pray to him, and follow his teachings.  But is this all there is to being a disciple? No.

This Fall, we will be focusing on Chapter 10 of Matthew's Gospel to hear what Jesus calls his disciples to do.  We will see how he calls us to take the good news of our transformation out into the world.  We will learn how this will cost us everything AND give us what makes us truly human.  

Please join us!


  • Aug. 26:  Matt. 4:18-22,
    "What do disciples do?"
  • Sept. 2: Matt. 9:9-13,
    "Sinner:  The Primary Disciple Requirement." 
  • Sept. 9:  Matt. 9:36-38,
    "Why Disciples disciple."
  • Sept. 23:  Matt. 10:1-4,
    "The Disciple's True Family."
  • Sept. 30:  Matt. 10:5-8,
    "Where do we go?  What do we say?"
  • Oct. 7: Matt. 10:9-10,
    "Going is not safe, but it's right."
  • Oct. 14: Matt. 10:11-15,
    "How a Disciple disciples."
  • Oct. 21: Matt. 10:16-20,
    "The Power to go."
  • Oct. 28: Matt. 10:21-23,
    "A Disciple is persecuted".
  • Nov 4: Matt. 10:24-24,
    "As Jesus was treated, you will be treated."
  • Nov 11: Matt. 10:26-33,
    "I'm Afraid!"
  • Nov. 18: Matt. 10:26-33,
    "I'm STILL Afraid!"
  • Nov. 25: Matt. 10: 34-39,
    "A disciple does not come to bring peace."
  • Dec. 1: Matt. 10:40-42,
    "The Disciple's Reward.