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Kathy Pyle

Kathy Pyle, Family Ministries

Born in Akron, Ohio and raised in Birmingham, Alabama, Kathy Pyle felt the call to teach at the young age of three as evidenced by her parents memories of her lining her stuffed animals up as her first class. As she grew up watching her mother teach Sunday school the pull towards teaching became greater and she was thrilled to have a lifelong student when her younger sister, Alice joined the family. Kathy and Alice continued to grow in the church through family ministries in Birmingham and in North Augusta, SC when their family was relocated. It was what she learned about God’s love for her through family ministries that has driven her passion to serve in this arena.

When the time came to choose a college, Kathy chose the College of Charleston for its amazing education program and for the beautiful city she would be able to call home. She graduated from the College with a Bachelor’s of Science in Elementary Education. The following fall, a seventeen year career with Charleston County Public Schools began as she accepted a teaching position at Mitchell Elementary School. Throughout her time with the district, Kathy has assisted in establishing math and science magnet programs in two elementary schools and graduated the Teaching Math and Science Masters of Education Program at the College of Charleston. The belief that all children can grow and learn has led her to find new and innovative ways to include students with special needs in her regular education classroom.

Not long ago she felt God steering her in a new direction and was honored to be called as the Family Ministries Coordinator for St. Thomas’ Church. Kathy is currently residing in Mt. Pleasant and is blessed to have frequent opportunities to visit her family in Aiken, SC and North Augusta, GA. She is lucky enough to serve third graders at Carolina Park Elementary School.