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Grace Time Kids

The Jesus Storybook Bible

Read + Respond — October 2nd


We are continuing our chronological  reading of The Jesus Storybook Bible

This week, read Let’s go! and remind your children of God’s big, never stopping, unbreaking love for us.

Object Lesson 

Respond through play: Follow the leader

Play a family game of Follow the Leader by picking one family member to be the leader and make motions everyone else must follow.  For example, the leader could jump, skip, or clap.  The leader could also come up with motion patterns and see if the others can follow. 

Once any children who would like to have been the leader, bring your family back together and remind them that in the story, Jesus picked out 12 special helpers, his disciples, to follow him and help share the gospel.  Say a prayer thanking God for sending Jesus and his disciples to share his big love with others. Ask him to show your family others you can share the gospel with this week.