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Grace Time Kids

The Jesus Storybook Bible

Read + Respond — September 26th


We are continuing our chronological  reading of The Jesus Storybook Bible.

This week, read He’s Here! and remind your children of God’s big, never stopping, unbreaking love for us.  This week’s reading is Matthew 4:18-25 and tells the story of the fishermen following Jesus and his ministry in Galilee. Talk with your children about how stories tell about people following God’s plan to help spread the gospel.

Respond Through Play 

Help for All

Ask your children to help you with a task such as baking, gardening, cleaning, etc.  As you work, make a big deal out of how hard the task is and make sure your children can jump in and help you to complete it.  Once it is done, have a quick celebration with a high-five or special snack. 

Talk with your children about how they helped you just as the people in both stories helped God to spread the gospel.  Think of ways your family can help spread the gospel this week!

Helping Hands Grace Time Family Response