Dale Watson : 2020 Stations of the Cross Artist

St. Thomas’ Church seeks to make Mount Pleasant better for everyone.  A major way we are called to do so is by investing in the Arts.

There used to be a time when the Church was the primary patron of the Arts (both visually and musically), and this produced some of the most beautiful Art known to exist.  Moreover, during the Renaissance, the church’s patronage produced some of history’s most talented artists who continue to educate generations of artists today.  The fruit of this patronage has been to bless the world with beauty and advance the study of Art.

St. Thomas’ wishes to recapture this mission, and we seek to do it by investing in our local artists!

Meet Dale Watson

Dale  has lived and worked in Mount Pleasant, SC for over 30 years. He has two adult children; Samantha, who is married and lives in Dallas, TX and Matthew, who lives in Los Angeles, CA.

Dale Watson Artist

He has been an artist as long as he can remember. His art career began in church as a small child — to keep him from fidgeting, his mother gave him a pencil and paper. It still works today, but he prefers colored pencils!

Over the years, he has worked in pen and ink, watercolors, casein, gouache, and acrylic. These days, his architectural work is often a digital blend of all the above. Dale has always been fascinated with how light and color interact, especially in nature, and he finds the wonder and glory of God through his creation.

You can learn more about Dale Watson by visiting his website! www.dalewatsonart.com


Jesus is condemned and mocked

The left side is bright and light with a simple fishing boat and palms representing the triumphant and humble entry by Jesus into Jerusalem. As your eye moves from left to right the scene grows more somber and dark. The two canines-one with a calm pleasant look and the other more menacing- represent the choice the crowd would make between Jesus and Barabbas.

STATIONS 3, 4, and 5

Jesus takes up His cross, is nailed to it and mocked

This painting is set in a rough hostile place. The mountain on the left hints to Golgotha-the place of the skull. The flowers represent Jesus and his sinless pure nature surrounded by the mocking crowd, depicted by the ravens.


Jesus dies on the cross

Darkness, abandonment and the weight of all our sins placed on Christ is what I tried to depict in this muted painting. The sky is darkened like an eclipse. The water a wine color to reflect the sponge full of sour wine on a hyssop branch given to Jesus when in said “I thirst.” The owl represents God looking away as Jesus cries out “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me? The boat, with no obvious motor or paddle represents Jesus totally alone and abandoned at that moment.


Jesus is pierced

Represented by a waterfall resembling a torso with the fallen tree representing the spear that pierced Jesus’ side and both blood and water coming forth. It is also a nod to another type of Christ in the Old Testament, Moses who struck the rock with his staff and water came forth."


Jesus is laid in the tomb

Jesus’ body is laid out in preparation for burial. Crosses are shown in the upper left and his tomb is hinted at on the far right side. The lily at the bottom sprouting from blood dripping from his finger represents the hope and promise of his resurrection that is to happen in three days!