Apr 15, 2018


Scripture | Luke 24:13-35 

  1. If you have a story, describe a time when you really grew in your belief in Jesus by attending a good Bible story and/or hearing a good talk?  Why was it enlightening?
  2. Verses 13-17—What is happening here?  Who’s doing what?  (We will discuss why this is happening later)
  3. Verses 18-24—What do these two say happened to Jesus?
  4. Verse 17—describes these men as “sad”.  Given what you read in vs 18-24, why were they said?
  5. Verses 25-27—How did Jesus respond to these men?  What did these two men not do that made Jesus’ critique necessary?
  6. Verses 29-32—How did Jesus reveal his true identity to them?  Why do you think he did it this way?
  7. Verse 32—How did the two men respond to this? 
  8. Verses 33-34—What did these men do next? How does this connect with why Jesus hid his identity from these two men for so long?
  9. How is the Holy Spirit using this scripture to strengthen or encourage your faith?  How would this help you to be a better Ambassador?