Grace Time — October 18, 2020

Read Along With Us! 

We are working on a chronological reading of The Jesus Storybook Bible.  This week read He’s Here! Then talk with your children about how God used the angel Gabriel to speak to Mary just like he used Moses and the water from the rock to speak to the Israelites.



God reaches out to us in many ways and used many special ways to get the attention of his people throughout the Bible.  Talk with your children about some of God’s special messages like sending Gabriel to tell Mary about Jesus or Moses using his staff to bring forth water. Talk with your children about how the people in both stories questioned God but in different ways. Then have your children use any art supplies you have at home to create messages for someone. 

This could be a birthday card for a friend, a secret code for a brother or sister to figure out, or a symbol of God’s big love built out of Play-Doh or Legos.  Then talk with your children about how God uses His own type of messages or messengers to get his big love to his people.  Wrap up the discussion by sharing some ways God has shown his big love to your family.