Grace Time — November 15, 2020

Read Along With Us! 

We are working on a chronological reading of The Jesus Storybook Bible.  This week read “Let’s go!”  Talk with your children about Jesus’ time in the dessert and how it was different than the Israelites time in the dessert described in Exodus. 



Talk with your children about God’s amazing forgiveness that he displayed to the Israelites and to Jesus’ disciples as they were chosen to follow Jesus.  Then have a quick discussion about sin and how it tempts us.  Use a pencil to draw or write some of the sins from your discussion on a coffee filter or paper towel.  Then have your children use markers to draw on top of the pencil writing. 

Finally, use a spoon, straw, spray bottle, or dropper to add small amounts of water to the marker.  As the color from the marker spreads, talk with your children about how God’s forgiveness spreads and covers our sins.