Children’s Service — September 20, 2020

Read Along With Us! 

We are working on a chronological reading of The Jesus Storybook Bible.  This week read Operation No More Tears!  Talk with your children about Isaiah’s letter and how God’s secret plans always seem to be different than how we would do things on earth. 


Draw + Paint It!

Today Hamilton preached about how we get hope in uncertain times when God disciplines us.  As a family, think about someone you love who you could encourage or maybe a group of people going through a hard time.  You might also consider a local nursing home, emergency workers, or service workers. 

Have your children use any art supplies you have available to create cards, signs, or write letters to encourage the people you have talked about.  Think about intentional ways your family could serve that person or group and make a plan to do so.  End your time together by praying for the people you have discussed.