Children’s Service — September 13, 2020

Read Along With Us! 

We are working on a chronological reading of The Jesus Storybook Bible.  This week read “A little girl and the proud general” and talk with your children about how God freed Naaman from the sin in his heart. 


Play it!

Create a windsock from a piece of paper by rolling it into a cylinder and taping, gluing, or stapling the edge down. You can also use any kind of carboard shaped cylinder such as a paper towel roll or oatmeal container.  Attach pieces of streamer, yarn, string, or ribbon to the inside edge of one of the ends of the cylinder.  Then on the other end of the cylinder, punch two holes on opposite sides and tie a piece of string as the handle. 

Have your children run around holding the windsock by the handle over head and watch the streamers fly in the breeze.  Talk with your children about how we are like the streamers because God has set us free from the sin that pulls us down.