Children’s Service — August 30, 2020

Read Along With Us! 

We are working on a chronological reading of The Jesus Storybook Bible. This week, read, “The young hero and the horrible giant” and talk with your children about how David faced great uncertainty and how God helped him in the midst of his circumstances. 


Build it!

Use LEGOS®, blocks, Playdough®, or any other building materials you have to create a building for each of your children.  Give each child his or her building and tell them they have 3 minutes to use the same number of blocks/amount of Playdough® to create something new.  Once the time is up, have each child explain his or her creation. Talk with the children about the challenge and how they felt while building. Connect their feelings to the feelings of God’s people we have read about. 

Although God’s people like David, Joseph, and Moses probably felt excited, worried, happy, or scared when they were in the middle of challenges and uncertainty, they knew they could count on God just like we can today.