Grace Time for March 28

Read + Respond 

Read Along With Us!

We finished our chronological reading of The Jesus Storybook Bible just in time for Holy Week. This week read “The Servant King” and remind your children that Palm Sunday is the day Jesus rode into Jerusalem and was worshipped as he rode through the streets.  Then talk with your children about how Jesus showed God’s big love for his people through foot washing and The Lord’s Supper/Communion. This story can also be reread on Maundy Thursday to discuss the Last Super. 

Respond Through Art 

For Palm Sunday, take your children on a nature walk looking for things that could be used to build or create a palm frond. The children could also use paper, scissors, and glue to create a palm frond. Use the fronds to recreate Jesus’ triumphal entry and talk about the beginning of Holy Week .

For Maundy Thursday, talk with your children about symbols and how they represent something.  You may even want to have a few symbols your children know well such as the drawings on a favorite snack or toy. Remind your children of the symbols Jesus used in the story,” The Servant King” to represent his love for us.  Have your children use any art supplies you have and create a symbol that represents God big for us. Have each child share his or her artwork and then say a family prayer thanking God for Holy Week.