Grace Time for March 21

Read + Respond 

Read Along With Us!

We are working on a chronological reading of The Jesus Storybook Bible.  This week read “A dream of Heaven” and remind your children of God’s big love for us.  Read the scripture from today’s sermon, Psalm 143.  Connect the reading to the story through the idea of forgiveness and praying for our enemies.  David cried out to God for help with his enemies and God showed John what it will be like when God’s biggest enemy, Satan, is finally thrown out.  Remind your children that God also helps us with our enemies too. 

Respond Through Play – Follow the Leader with a Twist 

Play a game of “Follow the Leader” by having one of your children be the leader.  As that child is leading, provide as many distractions as you can to keep the other children from being able to follow the leader.  You might jump in the way, toss crumpled up paper, sing or laugh loudly, etc.  Once the game has been sufficiently interrupted, talk with your children about the distraction and how it can represent the “enemies” in our lives which try to keep us from following Jesus.  This might also be a good time to link the enemies mentioned in the sermon, the world, our flesh, and the devil. Wrap up your time together with a prayer thanking god for helping us with our enemies so we can follow Jesus.