Grace Time for January 31

Read + Respond 

Read Along With Us!

We are working on a chronological reading of The Jesus Storybook Bible.  This week read “The Servant King” and remind your children of God’s big love for us.  Read the scripture from today’s sermon, Luke 10:25-37.  Compare the way Jesus loved his friends/neighbors in the story to the way the Samaritan loved the man by taking care of him.


Create a set of stacking circles with a small circle first, then a larger one around the smaller one, and so on.  This can be done on a piece of paper with a pencil, with string cut and laid on the floor, with different sized hula hoops, stacking bowls, or with Play-Doh.  Point out the smallest circle in the middle and tell your children this circle represents your family. 

Then move to the next circle which represents the people closest to your immediate family which could include grandparents or close friends.  Talk about the people in that circle and how your family could love them this week.  Then move to the next circle and identify people who may not be as close and ways you can show them God’s love. 

Once you get to the largest outside circle, talk about the people you may not know at all, like a person in line ahead of you in the grocery store, etc.  Set a goal as a family to show God’s big love to the people you found in each circle.