Grace Time for February 28

Read + Respond 

Read Along With Us!

We are working on a chronological reading of The Jesus Storybook Bible.  This week read “Going home” and remind your children of God’s big love for us.  Read the scripture from today’s sermon, Psalm 32.  Connect the reading to the story by reminding your children that Jesus died and ascended into heaven to save us from our sin.


Play a round of “Where is it Hidden?” by having a small object like a coin ready to play.  Have one child leave the room while the others hide the object.  Once it is hidden, ask the child to come back and look for it while the rest of the group gives clues. Allow your kids to take turns being the seeker and hiding the object.  Then talk about how it was easy to find at times and hard at others depending on where it was hidden and the clues that were given.  Ask your children what it would be like to hide something big, like an elephant, in the room. 

Talk with them about how hard it would be and ask them if they have ever tried to hide something from someone, a real object or maybe something they did.  Finally link the game to the story and Psalm by explaining that our sin is like the things we try to hide and remind your children that God asks us to bring our sin to him, confess, and be forgiven.